Writing about…well..writings

As part of this blog, my intention is to post book reviews on a reasonably regular basis. The exact frequency has not been defined and it could vary widely depending on a number of factors such as:

  • Availability of reading selections (Most will be 20th century historical fiction because that’s just how I roll.)
  • Amount of hours left in the week after I tend to mundane things. (Going to my real-life paying job and keeping my house in a somewhat livable condition come to mind as good examples.)
  • Amount of coffee I can safely drink to keep pace with the tasks listed in the second bullet point. (Because I tend to perform better with a mug at hand.)
  • Amount of chocolate I can consume when the amount of coffee in the third bullet point cannot keep up with the tasks in the second bullet point. (I don’t actually know what may happen if I max out on the chocolate.)
  • And, finally, the number of games of computer mahjongg I play before I actually win one. (I get a little competitive with those taunting little tiles.)

So there’s a few things that may make holding to this plan somewhat difficult. That’s why I am not promising a definite schedule, just a statement of my intention.

There are a few things I can promise about these book reviews, though.

  • I can promise that the first ones will be rough around the edges. I have to go all the way back to my undergraduate days to remember the last time I wrote a book review. That is more years than I care to tally.
  • I can promise that I will keep working at it until I get better at writing reviews and the awkwardness falls away.
  • I can promise that I will do my best to encourage the good points and provide polite suggestions if I see things I would change. (Being a technical writer by profession, my work gets critiqued all the time. I understand the value of encouragement and positive suggestion to keep motivation up.)
  • I can promise to follow the FTC guidelines for blogging disclosure to the best of my ability.

So there you have it. My intention and my plan. Now I just need to pick a book to start with. Not as easy as it may sound…



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