It’s the “write” time…

“Reading and writing, like everything else, improve with practice.” — Margaret Atwood

Hi! Welcome to my blog.  As its title suggests, this is indeed my time (and my space) for writing. I have considered writing a blog for many years, but haven’t done anything about it until now.

I love writing. I wanted to have a career doing some sort of writing for many years. I finally got the chance this past year after being laid off from my long-time position in office administration. In my off-hours, I had been pursuing continuing education in technical writing and a job offer appeared in my email within weeks of the day I completed my certificate. Now, I write technical manuals in my day job.

I also write historical fiction when I have free time. History (early twentieth-century Europe, in particular) has been a passion since I found the wonderful adaptations presented on Masterpiece Theatre. My current projects revolve around stories in Austria and England during World War II.

My goal in creating this blog is to practice my writing to improve it, echoing the theme set out in the quotation at the beginning of this entry. I will be blogging about my journey into the writing life, exploring subjects like where my inspiration for subjects originates and how my projects develop.

I also want to improve my skills in reading. I want to read more critically than I do right now. I want to expand my appreciation of literature.  You will see book reviews as I work on this area.

So here goes…setting the clock for my time for writing.

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